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As a subsidiary of The Farnsworth Group, Specpan is backed by 13 years of qualitative and quantitative research and consulting experience. Specpan has taken that industry experience, and applied the benefits of Internet technology to deliver a service that pairs the cost-effective, flexible and timely process of Internet-based research with unsurpassed knowledge of the research industry to deliver panels that are unsurpassed in quality and convenience today. Specializing in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer panels, Specpan has dedicated panelists ready to discuss the most intricate aspects of your industry.

Our panelists span all areas, from vocational professionals to avocational enthusiasts. For example, our Hardlines Industry panels include: General contractors and builders. Framers. Painters. Plumbers. Electricians. Power tool users. Remodelers. Landscape architects. Gardeners. The list goes on. The one thing our panelists have in common? They are dedicated Specpan panelists, ready to bring you into their world.

A Better Approach

The Specpan process is a proven, yet easy-to-implement approach to gaining the quality insight you need.

From initial survey development and consulting, to tabulation and post-panel summaries, Specpan can support any level of research program. There are two aspects of our product offering.

One, we’re selling people, and two, a proven process to reach them. It’s about gaining quality insight. It’s about finding answers. It’s about getting the information to make critical business decisions, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The Right Panel for You

We have pre-designed panels in many industries. Which means we can provide fast, efficient access to them for a variety of research projects. We can also develop custom panels for a client’s unique research needs. And finally, we can help our clients manage the ongoing relationship with their own proprietary panels, ensuring ready access to a dedicated team of panelists at any time.

Your Questions. Our Answers.
Tapping into Specpan’s field of panelists is as easy as picking up the phone. To begin, e-mail our Consulting Services team at If you have specific questions view some Frequently Asked Questions. We’ll help you identify the right panels for your specific research objectives.


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